Up a Boat without a Paddle

When I was a kid, Gyo Fujikawa's book Oh! What a Busy Day was my jam. I can remember studying each illustration over and over to spot all of the little surprises - a tiny snail tucked in a cabbage leaf curl, a gray squirrel hidden under the bench. I especially loved this page. The shabby tree shanty stuck [...]

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Floor Stringer installation

The floor stingers need to be painted on all six edges so it was easier to do that before installing them. The ends actually weren't painted because they will be epoxied in (which is a universal primer) and then painted. This photo also shows the initial coats of enamel in the bilge below the galley. [...]

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The Head

The Salon was removed first to figure out why there was a large, disgusting hole in the floor opening into the bilge. That revealed the biggest termite infestation I've ever seen (and I've lived in New Orleans the last 15 years - native land of the termite). Then I cleared the storage area and chain [...]

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