Sea Shanti expenditure to date, including purchase and marina fees

The boat that Jack built

One of the reasons we invested in the Sea Shanti was to reduce our cost of living without sacrificing travel and adventure. A boat has costs associated with it. There’s a reason people call them “holes in the water you throw money into.” But if the boat is also your home and your car, if it’s got solar and wind power and a resourceful crew, it could also save a lot of money. Or at least that’s our theory.

We purchased the Shanti for $3000. She’s a project boat, but we decided to take a hard run at her. Jack cut back on his tech work to spend long hours hard at work on her renovation. He’s responsible for every single item checked off this Honey Do list (and some that we’ve forgotten about along the way). He’s worked on this humble home on the water nearly every day.

This is his first sailboat, and he’s had to learn everything the hard way – through trial and error. YouTube, books, and guys at the marina have been his guides. He’s run into 99 problems along the way, but he hasn’t met one he couldn’t solve yet.


  • Gutting of internal furnishing/floor

  • Plumbing stripped out

  • Electrical stripped out

  • Floor joists put back in

  • Through holes inspected

  • Valves and seacocks replaced

  • Bilge cleaned and painted

  • Engine room painted and cleaned

  • Compression post made out of old mast

  • Main deck sanded and inspected

  • Topside teak cleaned

  • Hull above the waterline sanded, primed, and painted

  • Hull below the waterline sanded, ablative anti-fouling barrier coats applied

  • Cutlass bearing replaced

  • Rudder and propeller shaft stuffing boxes refurbished

  • Replacing the rudder assembly

  • Preparing to drop in the water

  • Clean, paint, and build out the aft cabin

  • Repair, prime, and paint the deck

  • Build forward berths

  • Install subfloors


  • Build galley

To Do

  • Replace fore windows in the forward cabin

  • Put the rails back up

  • Install cowl vents

  • Wire up shore power/AC system

  • Wire up DC system

  • Rebuild interior furnishings

  • Plumbing

  • Repair the engine