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Eighteen Days on the Hard

That's five more than last time in case your math wheels are as grease-caked as mine. We've been holed up in this land-locked shanty for eighteen days. No AC. Probably drinking Louisiana brain-eating amoeba water. Existential anxiety in robust form as a daily barrage of truly scary news pours through the radio. Two months without the kid, and [...]

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Up a Boat without a Paddle

When I was a kid, Gyo Fujikawa's book Oh! What a Busy Day was my jam. I can remember studying each illustration over and over to spot all of the little surprises - a tiny snail tucked in a cabbage leaf curl, a gray squirrel hidden under the bench. I especially loved this page. The shabby tree shanty stuck [...]

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It’s Not an Adventure Without a Little Adversity

When I said we were moving onto a boat, I expected there to be more water. Unfortunately, we've dipped our little Sea Shanti in the drink three times in as many days, and each time, we've discovered a new leak. But what can you expect from a $3000 boat that hasn't been afloat in at least six years? [...]

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Setting a Drop Dead Date

So far, our timeline for completely overhauling our life has looked like this: 2015-2016 Intermittently toy with the idea of moving to Costa Rica or really anywhere outside the U.S. for a change of pace. July 2016 AirBnB on a small sailboat in the Baltimore Harbor, play around with the idea of living on a boat, promptly [...]

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I May Change My Name To Thomasina Magnum

Like many Gen Xers, Jack and I both grew up watching Magnum, P.I. A year or so ago, when we were still living in the original shanty, we binge-watched the entire series. It held up well, even Tom Selleck's teeny tiny shorts. (I mean, they were so tight, they'd naturally hold up well.) I can't imagine anyone [...]

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