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Jack is the kind of guy who can figure anything out. That’s one of the reasons Autumn married him; she likes his rugged individuality and determined self-sufficiency. He’s a business owner, a musician, and a helluva family man. He rarely loses his cool, and he’s quick with a joke when situations are tense. He’s got a philosophical streak that makes him a fine conversationalist, and he has mastered the art of the seasoned French fry. He’s thoughtful and considerate, and he devotes a lot of his energy to encouraging his family and making sure everyone is happy. The closer his life gets to a Tom Waits song, the more content he is. If you need a hug at the end of a hard day, Jack’s your best bet aboard the Sea Shanti.


Autumn is a dreamer with big ideas, a short attention span, and a penchant for losing her keys. She’s got itchy feet and a wandering mind, and Jack has been fond of those gypsy qualities since they first met more than a decade ago. She’s a copywriter and a novelist and a great admirer of scofflaws and roustabouts. She likes doing what she wants to do, and she hates being told what to do. She can whip up beans and buttermilk biscuits that’ll make you slap your granny, and she’s one of those crafty girls who can sew and paint and make a rocket ship out of old cardboard boxes.


Fain is the Shanti’s official historian and emissary. He’d like to be a politician one day despite his poor mother’s pleas to the contrary. He’s in the Communist phase of puberty now, and he spends a lot of his time debating the equitable distribution of labor, particularly where the cleaning of litter boxes is concerned. He’s currently working on a novel of his own and attempting to convince Autumn that anarchy is not a viable political system.


Jack adopted Scout when she was a pup. She’s a sweet hippie dog with a million allergies and a mistrust of Autumn, who usurped her place as alpha female. If you’ve got a puddle, she’ll flop in it.


Squeaky is a mischievous trouble-maker who doesn’t even pretend to be contrite when he knocks over a potted plant, and Autumn finds that irresistible in spite of herself. He talks non-stop, and he likes to be carried around like a baby.


Dante likes to climb ladders and chase moths. He’s quiet compared to his brother, but he’s very affectionate, and unlike his brother, he’ll come when you call his name. Mostly.