After a bit more work, the flooring in the Galley has been removed exposing the fuel and water tanks.

It isn’t obvious from this view but where the white squares are near the center of the image is the bilge whereas either side of that are the Water and Fuel tanks. There are two potable water tanks on one each side at the top of the image and two diesel tanks, one on each side at the bottom of the image. They are adjacent to each other and mostly indistinguishable. It’s more clear if you look to the right side of the image, running up the bulkhead are two hoses used to fill the tanks from the main deck (the black one is for Potable Water and the red one is for Diesel) The plan is to paint them blue and yellow, respectively, as a visual cue.

Interestingly, the tanks can be filled from port or starboard and a hose transiting the bottom of the bilge connects the tanks together, functioning as a water level, to ensure that the amount of fuel/water is split evenly between the tanks to keep the boat from listing with one tank full and one tank empty.