About Autumn Ware

Prior to 2012, Autumn Ware was an award-winning writing instructor who showed middle school kids how to write novels and how to create websites to "market their author brands." Today, she's the author of the Perilous and Sparks series and the CEO of Aware Copywriting.

Eighteen Days on the Hard

That's five more than last time in case your math wheels are as grease-caked as mine. We've been holed up in this land-locked shanty for eighteen days. No AC. Probably drinking Louisiana brain-eating amoeba water. Existential anxiety in robust form as a daily barrage of truly scary news pours through the radio. Two months without the kid, and [...]

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Up a Boat without a Paddle

When I was a kid, Gyo Fujikawa's book Oh! What a Busy Day was my jam. I can remember studying each illustration over and over to spot all of the little surprises - a tiny snail tucked in a cabbage leaf curl, a gray squirrel hidden under the bench. I especially loved this page. The shabby tree shanty stuck [...]

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It’s Not an Adventure Without a Little Adversity

When I said we were moving onto a boat, I expected there to be more water. Unfortunately, we've dipped our little Sea Shanti in the drink three times in as many days, and each time, we've discovered a new leak. But what can you expect from a $3000 boat that hasn't been afloat in at least six years? [...]

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Setting a Drop Dead Date

So far, our timeline for completely overhauling our life has looked like this: 2015-2016 Intermittently toy with the idea of moving to Costa Rica or really anywhere outside the U.S. for a change of pace. July 2016 AirBnB on a small sailboat in the Baltimore Harbor, play around with the idea of living on a boat, promptly [...]

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Dunning-Kruger in the Galley

As a person who has always been plagued with insecurity and anxiety, I am fascinated by the Dunning-Kruger Effect. If you're unfamiliar with the term, it's the reason your totally incompetent colleague believes that he's God's gift to [insert subject here]. Articles abound on the subject, and you can even read the original academic paper by David Dunning [...]

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