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  • Temporary Land-Lubbers

    During the last wave of Gulf-bound tropical depressions, we grabbed our most precious belongings and temporarily moved into a motel on the far side of Biloxi’s back bay. […]

  • We Are All Always Underway

    Just before we began making passage, something sparked my interest in the Huguenot Refuge. I don't know much about my family's heritage, and I've never cared much. I live here and now, and I've never been sure how it benefits me to align with a [...]

  • Arm’s Reach or Nothing

    Fain spent most of the summer of 2018 in Tulsa with Emma and Tim and his Oklahoma fam. […]

Curated Suffering 101

Fain’s bonus mom Emma* made an interesting comment when we were talking on the phone in the wake of Fain’s seizure a couple of weeks ago. […]

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It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him. J.R.R. Tolkien I’ve become very fond of the word ‘contraption’ while sitting in the engine compartment, hunched over, with the grease all over me. […]

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The misfit crew of The Sea Shanti consists of musician and Jack-of-all-trades Captain Jack, novelist and dilettante Quartermaster Autumn, and teen wunderkind Boatswain Fain as well as the roguish sea cat Dante.

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