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  • Curated Suffering 101

    Fain’s bonus mom Emma* made an interesting comment when we were talking on the phone in the wake of Fain’s seizure a couple of weeks ago. […]

  • The Blessing of a Bad Week

    Over the past few weeks, a lot of things have happened that have made me sad and worried and afraid. […]

  • St. Squeakus of the Sea Shanti

    We lost our beloved cat Squeaky this week. He was still young and hearty, adventurous and wily. […]

House like a Boat

The government hasn’t significantly reinvested in American infrastructure in several decades.  […]

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Captain Jack and Quartermaster Autumn

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The misfit crew of The Sea Shanti consists of musician and Jack-of-all-trades Captain Jack, novelist and dilettante Quartermaster Autumn, and teen wunderkind Boatswain Fain as well as the lovable pup Scout and the roguish sea cat Dante.

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