The only thing that really remains in the main cabin is the galley. Everything else in there isn’t really connected to the flooring so the disposition of that can be figured out later. A few lockers, the head sink, etc aren’t really a concern at this point as they’re in pretty good shape and don’t appear to have termites all crazy in them.

The stove and refrigerator make up a good deal of the galley port side. And with the countertop out they came out pretty easily – a little too easily. But nonetheless:

The cabinets were a little worse for wear but the remarkable thing to me was the amount of seemingly useless space behind the cabinets. Sure there was a reach-in from the port side locker and an access door, but that’s still a lot of room that couldn’t have been effectively used.

There were some termites, but not nearly as bad as in other places.

This has really been the easiest thing I’ve done yet.