With Mardi Gras over, it was time to get started on un-shanty-ing The Sea Shanti.

There are two obvious problems to be addressed:

There were many signs that termites had been running unabated throughout the boat, but the extent is still unknown. Additionally, stepping down from the galley to the salon was more than a little treacherous what with a big ‘ol hole in the floor. Before being able to get that floor up the locker and main mast compression post would need to be removed.

Termites had nearly done this job for me so it didn’t take much:

It’s important to note that the most is not on the boat at this point so taking down the support post had little risk. And from the looks of it, the post wasn’t doing much anyway.

So with that gone the extent of the termite infestation was starting to be more obvious:

Sans one locker and post.

And the starboard side berth sort of “fell out” in my enthusiasm, but that’s fine.