It’s Not an Adventure Without a Little Adversity

When I said we were moving onto a boat, I expected there to be more water. Unfortunately, we've dipped our little Sea Shanti in the drink three times in as many days, and each time, we've discovered a new leak. But what can you expect from a $3000 boat that hasn't been afloat in at least six years? [...]

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Setting a Drop Dead Date

So far, our timeline for completely overhauling our life has looked like this: 2015-2016 Intermittently toy with the idea of moving to Costa Rica or really anywhere outside the U.S. for a change of pace. July 2016 AirBnB on a small sailboat in the Baltimore Harbor, play around with the idea of living on a boat, promptly [...]

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Floor Stringer installation

The floor stingers need to be painted on all six edges so it was easier to do that before installing them. The ends actually weren't painted because they will be epoxied in (which is a universal primer) and then painted. This photo also shows the initial coats of enamel in the bilge below the galley. [...]

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